Business Protection

Business Protection

The team of attorneys at the "BELPART Attorney Association" in the "Business Protection" practice offers the following services:

  • Subscriptional legal support for businesses across all legal areas.
  • Emergency protection of the company by the "BELPART Attorney Association" in various cities, including Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Khmelnytskyi, and Rivne.
  • Business protection in disputes with counterparties through negotiations.
  • Preparation of the company and its employees for regulatory inspections.
  • Legal support before/during/after regulatory inspections.
  • Preparation of the company and its employees for searches and interrogations.
  • Business protection, as well as the company's management and owners, before/during/after searches, interrogations, and other investigative actions.
  • Business protection in judicial disputes with counterparties, regulatory authorities, and investigative agencies.

The "Business Protection" practice is led by of the "BELPART Attorney Association" Managing Partner Anna Bielolypetskykh.

Intellectual property is a broad concept that encompasses the results of intellectual and creative work by one or more individuals. Objects of intellectual property include:

  • Copyright objects (literary, artistic, audio, video works, computer programs, databases, maps, photographic works).
  • Objects of neighboring rights (performances, phonograms, videograms, broadcasts of broadcasting organizations).
  • Inventions (useful models).
  • Industrial designs.
  • Trademarks.
  • Trade names.
  • Trade secrets.
  • Indications of the origin of goods.
  • Topographies of integrated circuits.
  • Plant varieties and animal breeds.

Given the constant increase in the role of intellectual property in business, it is essential to give this aspect significant importance. Proper protection of intellectual property can not only be helpful in resolving disputes but also in preventing their occurrence.

Therefore, it is necessary to consult with a qualified specialist not only when a case goes to court but as soon as there is a need to work with objects of intellectual property. This way, you can obtain information on the actions required for effective management of intellectual property, how to prevent infringements of your rights, and get assistance in enforcing your rights.