Anna Belolypetskikh
Managing Partner. Attorney

Anna Belolypetskikh

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Tax Law and Business Protection. Disputes with Regulatory Authorities.


Anna received her education at the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University with the “Business Protection” specialization at the Faculty of Commercial Law.

Work Experience:

Anna began her legal career in 2012 as a junior lawyer at the Attorney Association "Tikhonenkov, Nadolia, Shadrin and Partners."
In 2015, Anna was hired as the head of the Kharkiv office at the Attorney Association "Makmel", where she led the Tax Law practice and provided legal protection for clients in disputes with regulatory authorities.
In the year 2018 Anna became a partner at the Attorney Association "Makmel" participating in the company's management and staff training.
The year 2020 marked the establishment of her own Attorney Association, "BELPART" where Anna consolidated a team of professionals specializing in various areas of business, contract, intellectual property, labor, and corporate law.


Anna has successfully saved businesses from unlawful fines cases imposed by regulatory authorities, totaling up to 97 million Ukrainian hryvnias. She has also developed an efficient labor optimization system that allows employers to use civil law contracts as an alternative to formal employment.
In addition to her legal career, Anna is a professional athlete and a member of the Ukrainian Federation of Bodybuilding, Fitness and Athletics. In 2019 she won bronze medal at the Bodybuilding, Fitness and Athletics Championship in Austria.
Anna is also a pastel painting artist.