Bielous Liliia
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Bielous Liliia

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Specialization: Commercial and Corporate Law. Banking Disputes.


Liliya received her education at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, specialization - “Jurisprudence“.

Work Experience:

In 2016, Liliya began her professional career as a junior lawyer at the "Makmel" Attorney Association and progressed to become an attorney specializing in commercial disputes.
In 2018, she headed the "Corporate Law" practice.
In 2020, Liliya became a partner at the "BELPART" Attorney Association, where she oversees the areas of "Commercial Law" and "Banking Disputes" and actively contributes to the company's marketing efforts.


Liliya is a litigator attorney in the field of commercial disputes and has developed unique legal mechanisms for influencing counterparties to recover debts in out-of-court order. She has successfully won a series of complex and atypical cases in civil and commercial litigations, solidifying her reputation as an attorney who can find solutions in non-standard and seemingly unwinnable situations.
Liliya is involved in volunteer work and charity activities.
She has a passion for industrial tourism and urban planning.